Guide to the Vegetarian Restaurants Worldwide


Northern Buddhism (Mahayana) in China advocated vegetarianism base on the mercy and not to kill.  In fact that non-religion vegetarian become more popular in both Eastern and Western countries for the reasons of humane, health etc.  More studies stated that less meat are good for human health.

For the convenience of vegetarian dine-out and travel, and for all person interested the vegetarian restaurants, we published this guide to list the vegetarian restaurants worldwide, hope even you may not become a vegetarian but still can enjoy a great meal at these restaurants, we believe you will discover the advantages of vegetarian very soon.

(Please see the remark below)

(Last updated:  5/23/03)

The List:

U.S.A.  Southern California (Los Angeles area)
Northern California (San Francisco area)

Remark: 1. All companies listed by alphabet order of the city and store name by  randomness.  None of the stores are
                   related to us, and do not mean recommendation from us, it is your own choice, we do not take any 
               2. This guide only list the Chinese Buddhism vegetarian restaurants, which mean all dish do not cook with
                    the five forbidden pungent roots and egg, but please ask before order if you doubt about it.
               3. If the information incorrect or there is a new store you want us to add, please let us know, you may
                   e-mail or FAX to us.  We appreciative if you  can send us the list of vegetarian restaurants of your city. 
                   Please check the business hour with the store.