Aim to propagate Buddhism and let more people know about the Buddhism, we have sent free Buddhist books to people all over the world continually since 1995.

In addition, a retail store - "Buddhist Arts and Gifts" had been established in USA in mid of year 1998. Supporting by business activity, we hoped the distribution of free Buddhist books could become more stable.  Our store provided an easeful and mild environment to our clients. They could choose free Buddhist books from various organizations and Buddhist arts and gifts collected from different regions in comfort, we also provided Buddhism books borrowing service for friends living nearby.  However, due to various reasons, our retail store closed at the end of May, 2000. (pictures of former retail store)

Nevertheless, our services has not terminated, we continually provide free Buddhism books and Buddhist articles mail-order services on the Internet. Therefore, our friends can visit our Website and make shopping at anytime and anywhere. Nowadays, E-commerce becomes more popular and we are proud to be the first Mahayana (Chinese Buddhist) on the Internet. We cordially invite you to visit our Website often and your comments are welcome.

If you do not use Internet often, we also offer newsletter which includes lists of our mail-order items, free Buddhist books and some activity news about Buddhist organizations etc. Please send us your name and address, then we will send it to you by mail.

If any Buddhism books you do not intend to keep after reading, you may donate it to us.  Also, any Buddhist organization wants to distribute free books through us is welcome, please contact us for details.

Thanks for your visit to our Website.

Amitabha !@

(Zi Zai Ju - Our store's name in Chinese phonetic letters, means Ease Place.)

* We are individual owned and operated's company, we do not related to
   any other Buddhist organizations or persons. We established under the
   name: Ease Buddhist Culture Center, Inc.  and  operating the retail store
   and on-line store using the name: Buddhist Arts and Gifts, and
   distributing free books using the name: Zi Zai Ju.

   Ease Buddhist Culture Center, Inc. (1988-2002) dissolved on March 31,
   2002.  However, our website and on-line store Buddhist Arts and Gifts
   are continued to operate by Zi Zai Ju. 

* We deeply appreciate other Buddhist organizations or individuals mercy
   to donate or let us   to distribute their free books to public, may the
   merit Parinamana to all sentient beings in the Dharmadhatu together
   realize Supreme Enlightenment.

Privacy Policy Statement

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