How to pay by credit card or e-check:


In order to protect customer's data and privacy,  effective from March 26, 2002 we only
accept credit card or e-check (ATM) thru PayPal, customer do not have to provide us
any credit card information, just pay us to our account via internet transaction.

If customer do not open an account with PayPal yet, may do so before order from us,
(or receive our e-mail after place the first mail-order) customer can use the PayPal
account to pay or receive money (not just for order from us, you can use PayPal
to pay or  receive money from anyone have e-mail address), it is very simple to open,
and do not have to pay any fee, (you only pay the goods amount, buyer do not have to
pay any additional fee),  during the promotion period, PayPal will credit $5 for new
open account.  PayPal website is:

Customer can order from us as before, via our On-line order form, e-mail, Fax or by mail,
please included your e-mail address, after we receive your order and confirm the goods
available, we will inform customer the total amount thru e-mail and PayPal, customer then
can pay the amount via PayPal, when we receive the confirmation from PayPal (usually
immediately after customer make a payment) we will send the goods to customer as soon
as possible.  (Please note: all goods available will keep for 5 days, if we do not receive
the payment within 5 days, we will cancel the order, customer must send the new order
again if need it again.)

If customer use the differ e-mail address to contact us and with PayPal, please stated it
when you send us your order, and stated it on the remark section when pay thru Paypal.
(it is a good idea to put your customer number with us in the payment)

If you do not have e-mail address and do not have access to internet, please send your
order with check or money order, we can not accept credit card number for payment.

We use our e-mail address to accept PayPal payment, which is:

If you have question about open or other question about PayPal account, you may
contact PayPal or us.  If you have question about order from us, you are welcome
to contact us anytime.

(March 26, 2002)