In order to let more peoples in the U.S. and Canada understanding the Mahayana (Chinese Buddhism), we circulate some basic books for the person who interested or the beginner, you are welcome to take it without any charge or obligation. 

Following is the simple procedure:

1. You may select free distribution articles from our "On-Line Request Form" on our
    website, or from our catalogue which will send out non-periodically for person do not
    have access to the Internet.  We will update our "On-Line Request Form" when we
    have new items, please visit our website often.  All free distribution articles from our
   website or catalogue are distribute without any charges.

2. You can obtain free distribution articles directly from our "On-Line Request Form" on
     our website,  or print out the "Free Articles Request Form" to fill it out, or send us letter
     listed the titles of article you need, together with your name and address then mail or
     fax or e-mail to us.  If you have contact us before and have a customer number, please
     include the number and it will speed up the process.

3. We will send out the free distribution articles by the less expensive way, usually books
    by Media Mail (we use surface mail for Canada), other articles will depend the
    postage rate  and may send by surface mail, priority mail or airmail, all basic postage
    will pay by us.

4. If you wish to pay the postage and allow our service to benefit more person, you may
    stated on the form or letter, we will let you know the amount of postage and you can
    send it back to us.  If you send the "Free Articles Request Form" to us, you may send
    the check together, after deduct the postage we will open an account for you and credit
    the balance to the account for your further use, either for postage of another free 
    distribution articles or make purchase from us.

5. If you request the free distribution articles send by airmail or by other faster way, in
    this case, you have to pay the postage by yourself, we will send the articles after
    receive your remittance.

6. All free distribution articles usually will send out within one month after we received
    your request, if we do not send out within one month, it mean the articles are
    temporary out-of-stock, if you still need it, please send you request again later if you
    find it in our "On-Line Request Form" or catalogue.  All free distribution articles are
    printed by various organizations from public's donation, we are only collect them and
   distribute to person in need, so we can not guarantee to fill all request, please accept
   our apologize if we can not fulfill your request.

Please Note: 1.All Buddhist organizations in U.S. and Canada have free distribution
                        articles to circulate, please contact your local Buddhist organizations first
                        (if you need  name and address, please write to us, or you can search it on
                         the internet), please only request free distribution articles from us if you
                         can not find it at your local Buddhist organizations, so our limited
                         resource can benefit more person in need of our service, thank you for
                         your cooperation.
                    2. Due to high cost postage from U.S. to oversea, from January 2001, we
                        are focus our free distribution service mainly to U.S. and Canada only.
                        For all other countries' reader, please obtain the free distribution articles at
                        your local Buddhist organizations or the publisher at Hong Kong or
                    3. Most of our free distribution articles are come from Hong Kong or
                        Taiwan to circulate in U.S.  In order to save postage,  time and resource,
                        we are no longer send the free distribution articles outside U.S. and
                        Canada, please accept our apologize.

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