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Leng-Ci Porcelain Series:

 1-1001  Leng-Ci - Amita Buddha
 This series Buddha Statues height about 5 inches,
  great for placed on the bookcase or desk.
 out of stock  1-1001.jpg (59893 bytes)
 1-1002  Leng-Ci - Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva  out of stock  
 1-1003  Leng-Ci - Mahasthamaprapta
 out of stock  
 1-1004  Leng-Ci - Sakyamuni Buddha  out of stock  
 1-1005  Leng-Ci - Bhaisajaguru Buddha  out of stock  
 1-1006  Leng-Ci - Ksitigarbharaja Bodhisattva  out of stock  

Jing-De Porcelain:

 1-000379  Jing-De Happy Buddha
 height about 7 inches, wide about 15 inches
 out of stock  1-000379.jpg (56085 bytes)

Shi-Wan Porcelain:

 1-102463  Shi-Wan Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
 height about 12 inches
 out of stock  1-102463.jpg (49041 bytes)

De-Hua White Porcelain:

 1-100315  De-Hua White Porcelain  Buddha
 height about 12 inches
 out of stock  
 1-101325  De-Hua White Porcelain  Heaven Altar

 height about 11 inches
 out of stock  
 1-102193  De-Hua White Porcelain  Manjusri

 height about 11 inches
 out of stock  

Brass Statues:

 1-101539  Brass Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
 height about 7 inches
 out of stock  
 1-103829  Brass Buddha Head
 height about 10.5 inches
 out of stock  1-103829.jpg (101603 bytes) 
 1-101634  Brass standing Ksitigarbharaja 
 height about 12 inches
 out of stock  1-101634.jpg (23946 個位元組)
 1-103794  Brass Heaven Altar Buddha
 height about 12 inches
 out of stock  
 1-100113  Yunnan Spectial Handicraft Variegated-
 height about 6 inches
  out of stock  
 1-100257  Elephant Nose God of Wealth
 Brass, Esoteric Sect 7 inches Statue
 out of stock  
 1-100591  Vadjra
 Brass, Esoteric Sect 8 inches Statue
 out of stock  
 1-100590  Padma-Sambhava Mahasattva
 Brass, Esoteric Sec 8 inches Statue
 out of stock  

Wooden Statues:

 1-101755  Wooden Maitreya Bodhisattva
 height about 10 inches
 out of stock 1-101755.jpg (35494 bytes)

Other Statues:

 1-103761  Compact amber Avalokitesvara
 height about  7.25 inches
 out of stock   1-103761.jpg (30345 bytes)
 1-101346  Xin-Shan Jade Sculpture Buddha Head
 height about 5 inches with wooden stand
  out of stock  
 1-101389  Porcelain Arhat
 height about 9.5 inches
  out of stock